International Day
of homeless people

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Street Nurses
celebrates its
15th anniversary

Together, let's end homelessness !

At Street nurses, as a medico-social organization, we are convinced that the end of homelessness in Brussels, Liège and elsewhere is possible.

Since 2005 in Brussels, and 2019 in Liège, we have been contributing to this by providing sustainable housing for the most vulnerable homeless people in terms of health.

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[Together,] let's end homelessness ! [Together,] let's end homelessness !

Street Nurses, it's...

166 rehoused people
306 followed people in 2020
21182 patient procedures in 2020

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Birthday mussels

Mr D is seventy. He has lived in Belgium since the sixties where he got several degrees and worked in different sectors - but always in the black. In fact, he has no papers.

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Luc : "I'm home"

Luc lived on the streets for 7 years. Together, we managed to get him out and find a place to live, in which he stayed for 5 years, before, unfortunatly, passing away in the summer of 2020. Discover his moving testimony.

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Overcoming fears

One day, the conditions came together for you to integrate an accommodation and to leave the emergency shelter in which you had been sleeping for about ten years. Three times we came to pick you up and take you to your new home. Three times, you refused to follow us. You said you were too tired or had a stomach ache.

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