You can support the Street Nurses projects through a once-only or permanent donation (monthly or quarterly).

If your donations amount to more than €40 a year, you will receive a tax statement that will allow you to deduct your donations from your taxable income.

WARNING : Since 2008, street nurses have been authorised to issue tax certificates for donations of at least €40 on an annual basis. The procedure for renewing this authorisation is currently underway for a further period of 6 years, from 1 January 2020 on. We hope to have very soon a firm confirmation from the FPS Finance about this.

You can make a secure transfer directly to the Street Nurses bank account: IBAN: BE91 0014 6955 7676 – BIC: GEBABEBB.

Enter your email address in the communication of your transfer if you want to receive your tax certificate electronically.

ATTENTION: donations made through PayPal are NOT tax deductible under Belgian reglementation! If you want to take advantage of tax deductibility, please use DONO or transfer the donation directly to our account.


Our verified and detailed accounts are published at This foundation informs the public in an impartial and transparent manner about the activities and financial resources of Belgian philanthropic organisations that help people in need.

Street Nurses is also lid of the Association of Ethics in fundraising (I.E. AERF) that ensures the Belgians that their accountancy and their fundraising are transparent

If you still have questions around tax deduction, you can find more information (in french) on the following page: