Making a bequest

You can help us by making a bequest to help finance our projects. For more information contact us by e-mail at


* What can I donate?

You can freely decide to donate your movable and/or immovable property to Street Nurses after you die. You can donate it in part or in full. The non-profit organisation is authorised to accept these donations.

* Do I need to draw up a will?

In order to make a donation to an organisation, Belgian law stipulates that you need to draw up a will. If there is no will and there are no legal heirs, the state will inherit the goods. A will is a simple and affordable way to ensure that the exact intention of a person is respected after he or she dies. A will also makes it easier to transfer the goods to the heirs.

* What if I change my mind?

You can change the contents of your will as many times as you like. The most recent version is the one that will be taken into account.

* Is the non-profit organisation required to pay tax?

Street Nurses is a non-profit organisation and as such, it benefits from a privileged status which requires it to pay low succession tax. The rate is fixed at 12.5% in Brussels, 7% in Wallonia and 8.8% in Flanders.

* How can I donate more to my heirs?

You can opt for a dual legacy, which allows your heirs to save on their taxes. For more information contact your notary or e-mail us at

* How can I donate a legacy to Street Nurses?

Although you are not required to consult your notary to draw up a will, we do recommend that you do contact a notary if you wish to donate part or all of your belongings to Street Nurses in order to avoid any misunderstandings.