Goals and values

             --> Goals

“Every person should become aware of the importance of health and personal care, benefit from easy access to care and make use of it.”

We aim to assist persons who live in extremely precarious situations by offering them a home and by permanently reintegrating them into society. This medium- to long-term goal is achieved by improving the living conditions and the hygiene of these individuals, as well as their self-esteem.

We also join forces with the existing medical and social organisations to develop a support network that can boost this reintegration into society.

--> Values of the non-profit organisation

*This organisation is neither linked to political parties nor to religious groups.
* It is aimed at any person living in an extremely precarious situation, regardless of their cultural or religious beliefs, ethnicity, political conviction, age, sex, nationality etc.
*It respects the environment and strives for sustainable development.
* It ensures human dignity is respected.
* It strives to enhance the autonomy and sense of responsibility of both individuals and institutions.
* It is aware of and respects the limits of its competencies. It responsibly assesses the risks of its activities.
* It adopts a professional approach towards all persons encountered during its activities.
* Its staff does not let their personal convictions affect their mission.