Street nurses opens an antenna in Liège

may 2019
We launched an antenna in Liege to reduce the morbidity and mortality of the most vulnerable homeless people. It opend on May 13, 2019. Camille Delvoye and Fanny Caprasse work in the field with homeless people, while Gaïd Prigent is the project manager.

Having worked in Liege with homeless people for more than two years, Fanny and Camille highlighted a real lack of health professionals on the ground. This need, which has been ignored for too long, seems essential today, given the increasingly intolerable living conditions of homeless people.

The creation of a working group with the actors in the field enabled them to map out the Liège network and thus target the priorities: to make the person an actor of his or her health, to give him or her access to care. The presence of medical workers, in direct contact with the living environment of homeless people, is crucial.


Fanny and Camille are working in the field as nurses. They apply the working methodology they had the opportunity to learn during their four-month training with our Brussels team.

In this way, they come into direct contact with the most vulnerable people by meeting them in their environment, namely the street. The objective is to ensure a global medical follow-up of the person, with the aim of enabling him/her to find accommodation.  They will support people in an intensive and long-term way.

Gaïd is the project manager. She takes care of the search for partners and subsidies, financial management, collaboration with the social network of Liège, coordination of the field team,...


This project will improve the living conditions of homeless people, to fight homelessness in general together. The team is committed to meeting the needs of the Liège social network, which they will help to strengthen by collaborating with its various stakeholders.

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