By allowing Street Nurses to benefit from your legacy, your commitment is perpetuated. In addition, you are helping extremely vulnerable people to build a new life.

We are happy to help you with the administrative steps to include us in your will. Contact us via

You will surely have many questions about this.

Here are some answers:

You are free to decide how your movable and/or immovable property will be divided after your death. You can bequeath part or all of them. The association is authorised to accept this bequest.

In order to be able to make a bequest to an organisation, Belgian law stipulates that a will is required. Otherwise, if there are no legal heirs, the State will inherit the assets. The will is therefore a simple and reasonably priced way of ensuring the exact will of a person after his death. It will also facilitate the transfer of property to the heirs.

It is possible to change the content of the will as many times as you wish. It is the most recent will which will be taken into account.


Street nurses is a non-profit-making organization. As a result, it enjoys a privileged status which makes it subject to low inheritance tax. The rate is fixed at 12.5% in Brussels, 7% in Wallonia and, as from the 1 of July 2021,  0% in Flanders.


There is also the duo bequest. You choose two heirs, a non-profit association that pays reduced inheritance tax on the entire bequeathed estate, and a relative who pays no inheritance tax. For more information, contact your notary or write to the email


Although it is not obligatory to consult a notary when drawing up a will, we advise you to contact him or her to bequeath part or all of your assets to Street nurses, which will ensure that there are no misunderstandings.


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