Together, let's end homelessness!

Since 2005 the non-profit organization Infirmiers de rue (IDR – Street Nurses) has made it its mission to act as an intermediary to restore ties between people living in great uncertainty, their environment and the health services.

IDR is convinced that “each person can be made aware of the importance of his/her health and hygiene, and needs to be given the benefit of an easy access to medical care to take advantage of it.”

Until now, IDR has grown constantly and has developed a number of projects with the aim of rehabilitating in the long term those persons that are living in extremely precarious conditions. It uses hygiene and the developing of talents as enablers. This work is taking place in cooperation with the other actors of the psycho-medical-social network.

The patient is followed until he can be moved into housing, where a network is then put in place around him/her. This is why IDR works in the street but also practices Housing First.

This global approach ensures that IDR’s actions last in time and help avoid a return of the patient to the street. As a whole, IDR’s main objective is the eradication of homelessness.